“You’re succinct”

Watching the clock this week.//

I’m starting this blog because I was bored last night.

And also because I’ve become obsessed with data viz but I’m not very good at it yet.

There’s something quite cool about being able to see what you are in big data. Shows you how you’re actually pretty similar to at least a few million people in weird ways. I’ve been sharing data about me with a pen pal, I  might share some stuff from it on here occasionally.

I’m also trying to find some hobbies now that school’s no longer an excuse.

This is also an exercise in subtlety. And clarity. How little can I say while still getting some sort of point across? Getting me across. Something profound? Most likely not haha. But maybe I’ll run into others with the same not-profound points.

And maybe this’ll last longer than a month!


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