“Only nineteen but my mind is older”

I’m quite please with how average I’m becoming. Is that bad?//

I get mistaken for seeming older than I am.

Today, I was the youngest in a room of 25. I gain some sense of satisfaction when that happens.

I was asked today what I focused on in my grad program and I said evaluation and he said do you get to do evaluation here? and I got say actually that’s my JOB here. That was incredibly satisfying to say.

I must say, despite my many flaws and insecurities, I can say that I’ve actually, for once,done something I set out to do: get degrees in something I actually find interesting AND I’m pretty decent at then find a job that I really like and that is in the field I want to be in quickly after graduation.

I’m starting my (first) dream career at 24 and that is absolutely surreal to me.

I love it 🙂



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