“And when you said ‘Hi’, I forgot my dang name”

Another fun relationship status set of maps.//

I like to look at horoscope predictions that various lifestyle/news sites share.
Mostly to see how far off they are. I have yet to read one that was close to being possible.

I saw one today that said my sign was gonna meet someone at work this year.

Funny. Story.

I talk too much around him. I do that when I’m trying to make a good impression.

I’m trying not to read into everything like I have in the past. New Year New Me.


My first thought:
I haven’t had a proper crush like this in a long time this is exciting

Oh my gosh I’ve never had a crush on a black man before thank god I thought something was wrong with me this will make things so much easier gone with that inner tug-of-war FINALLY.



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