“Best of women”

How many parents are there like yours?//

Today’s my mum’s birthday! This is also the 3rd birthday of many more to come that I haven’t been home for.

I called her today to say happy birthday and also because I’m having a crappy day
(bleeding from one’s vagina + lack of direction at work + multiple plans being cancelled)

And lawd she just talks so much, I never get to say much when I talk on the phone with her. Which is frustrating so

today I kinda yelled at her out of frustration and she just laughed, apologized, and asked me what was wrong. Which was so her. And appreciated.

We have a lot and yet nothing in common. And I’m so in awe of her,

she had three kids and stayed at home with us till we were old enough to go school, while my dad was doing all the cool amazing shit he does

and then she’s working on her master’s part time when she up and gets breast cancer in the middle of it all and knocks that out.

Then she leaves a job she actually liked to move across the country for my father to start a new job that he wanted

and now her kids are leaving her one by one 7 hours away one 16 hours away who knows how many hours away leaving her and dad in a state none of us really wanted to be in the first place.

I dunno. She’s just a really remarkable lady. And I can only hope to be half as caring and selfless as she is one day


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