I’m probably increasing at the same rate of this graph.//

Anytime I talk about my weight it always ends in an



I’ll work out tomorrow
I’ll work out when I’m not on my period
I’ll only eat out once a week
I’ll make a big batch of soup for this week
Maybe this app
Let’s try that app
I am NOT going up another size
I’ll find something to do with those peppers rotting in my fridge
I just don’t like how vegetables taste
I’ll just make sure to drink a shit ton of water
I won’t buy new clothes until I lose 5 lbs
I cant get rid of this dress, I’ll fit back into it eventually
If I watch a 30 minute show every morning when I work out
Am I sweating because I’m that fat
These stairs never used to be a problem
I should buy a bike. I was at least fit then.
and on

and on


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