“It changed the meaning”

It was a moment when we both were talking about this same visualization.//

‘He gives her class, she gives him sex.’ Was this a general rule? Did all friendships-all relations-involve this discreet and mysterious exchange of qualities, this exchange of power?…What did my father give my mother-and vice versa?”

What does a one look like?

Is it not someone

you make laugh?
you like looking at?
who makes you laugh?
whose arm you want to touch randomly?
whose views line up nicely with your own?
whose hand keeps brushing yours when you walk?
you know almost everything about, despite knowing them less than a year?
that instills jealously when the topic of our separate dating situations comes up?
who says “me too” so many times in one conversation that it…..?
who tells you that you’re doing fine, don’t worry?
you miss so much it hurts for a day or so?
whose hugs you never want to end?
you can talk about anything with?
you never get tired of taking to?
who looks at you that way?
who is your friend first?

Is that not how it’s supposed to go?

Or was that mostly the definition of a best friend instead?

Chicago is for confused almost lovers



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