“I gotta holler just to be heard”

I have a lot of abstract, great, compelling, and neat ideas for my job, haha.// 

My job is new in many ways.

It’s the first time they’ve ever had this position,
I’m new to the museum,
And this is my first full time job. Ever.

It’s housed in a portion within a department with the intention of becoming a museum-wide position in the “future”

the “future”
whatever the hell that means.

I’ve been spending these first few months bouncing between
the occasional project that I’m asked to do that often feels like busy work,
and quietly (because my boss is worried I’ll shirk my immediate duties, of which I have none basically) trying to start this “future” now

one department at a time.

Overstepping? Possibly. Fucks? Zilch.


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