Executive Summary:
My posts will…:

  1. be brief
  2. be preceded by data I can see myself in
  3. be titled from the same source


I’m terrible at reading long blog posts. So we’ll keep this short.

This exercise is a way to write things I don’t say. I can talk all day about museums, orchestra, food, music, politics (sometimes), tv shows, podcasts, and other people. The bits I can’t talk about is what I’m gonna write about instead.

I’m a museum evaluator. Albeit one new to the field, but all the same. I really love data viz, for many reasons but that’s another post. Check out the links at the beginning of each post, and maybe you’ll start to love it too.

And let’s start at the very beginning. Clears things up a bit starting with the second post instead of the first.

Just a woman in her mid-20s who’s mistaken for being in her older-than-mid-20s whose shiny new career is all she’s got going for her at the moment and that’s cool for another  5 years or so.

If you want to just check out my Dear Data related posts, go ahead and check out my “dear data” tagged posts.

Also, if you want to leave a comment, select the “+” that’s at the bottom of every post. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Oh, and if you can see what all my post titles have in common, you get a gold star and we might become best friends.


Okay? Okay. What’s next?



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